Hillsdale College

Hillsdale, MI

School Background

2022 Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,495
Graduate Enrollment: 87
Baccalaureate Colleges: Arts & Sciences Focus
Highest degree awarded: Graduate
Religious Affiliation: Undenominational

Campus Details

Town: Distant (in urban cluster more than 10 miles and up to 35 miles from an urbanized area)
Four-year, small, highly residential // full-time, more selective, lower transfer-in

Applicant and Admittance Traits

2022 Admission Rate: 23.68%

Male/Female: /

First generation college students:
Percentage of students who are married when enrolled:
Percentage of students who are veterans:

Test scores for admission: Considered but not required
2022 Median Admit SAT: 1,441
SAT 25th Percentile - 75th: 1340 - 1510

2022 Median Admit ACT: 32
ACT 25th Percentile - 75th: 30 - 34

Appliants applying to 2+ schools:
Appliants applying to 3+ schools:
Appliants applying to 4+ schools:
Appliants applying to 5+ schools:

Ethnicity Information

White: 0.0%
Black: 0.0%
Hispanic: 0.0%
Asian: 0.0%
American Indian/Alaska Native: 0.0%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0%
2+ races: 0.0%
Non-resident alien: 0.0%
Unknown race: 100.0%

Costs & Fees

2022 Average Tuition & Fees (Room/Board/Books): $0
In-State tuition: $30,042
Out-of-State tuition: $30,042

Estimated books and supplies: $1,200 (2022)
Estimated on-campus room & board: $12,140 (2022)
Estimated on-campus other fees: $2,000 (2022)

Estimated off-campus room & board: $12,140 (2022)
Estimated off-campus other fees: $2,000 (2022)

Average Family Income:
Median Family Income:

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Percentage of students receiving Pell Grant: 0.0%
Percentage of students with Federal Loans: 0.0%

Median federal loan debt at graduation:
Median federal loan payment:

Graduate Outcomes & Job Placements

4-year graduation rate: 78%
6-year graduation rate: 88%

1 year post-graduation workforce participation:


Median federal debt for graduates:
Median federal debt for non-graduates:

Median federal debt for first-generation graduates:
Median federal debt for Pell grant recipient graduates:

Ability to Repay Loans

Graduates, % of Loans in Repayment
@1 Year
@3 year
@5 year

1-year Graduate % of Loans being Repaid (Non-delinquent/default) - Pell Grant Recipients:
1-year Graduate % of Loans being Repaid - 1st Generation Attendees:

Earnings Power

Median earnings, 1 year post graduation:
Median earnings, 4 years post graduation:

Popular Majors

Type of Degree Major 2022 Graduates Median Federal Debt Median Monthly Payment 1yr Median Earnings (monthly gross) 4yr Median Earnings (monthly gross)
Bachelor's Degree International Relations and National Security Studies. 1
Bachelor's Degree Area Studies. 7
Bachelor's Degree Communication and Media Studies. 3
Bachelor's Degree Germanic Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. 7
Bachelor's Degree Romance Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. 19
Bachelor's Degree Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. 10
Bachelor's Degree English Language and Literature, General. 32
Bachelor's Degree Biology, General. 30
Bachelor's Degree Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology. 22
Bachelor's Degree Mathematics. 9
Bachelor's Degree Applied Mathematics. 8
Bachelor's Degree Health and Physical Education/Fitness. 24
Bachelor's Degree Philosophy and Religious Studies, General. 2
Bachelor's Degree Philosophy. 10
Bachelor's Degree Religion/Religious Studies. 7
Bachelor's Degree Chemistry. 7
Bachelor's Degree Physics. 1
Bachelor's Degree Psychology, General. 13
Bachelor's Degree Economics. 44
Bachelor's Degree Political Science and Government. 33
Master's Degree Political Science and Government. 13
Doctoral Degree Political Science and Government. 3
Bachelor's Degree Sociology. 1
Bachelor's Degree Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft. 5
Bachelor's Degree Fine and Studio Arts. 10
Bachelor's Degree Music. 6
Bachelor's Degree Accounting and Related Services. 7
Bachelor's Degree Finance and Financial Management Services. 29
Bachelor's Degree International Business. 2
Bachelor's Degree Marketing. 19
Bachelor's Degree History. 35

Campus Resources

Average faculty salary: $67,869
Full time faculty: 100%

Undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio: 8.0

School's endowment start of year: $749,066,295 (2022)
School's endowment end of year: $948,699,164 (2022)